Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving with the waves

Fashion show is an obsession for the city dwellers. The once conservative land of Kerala too has joined this bandwagon. Being a part of the fashion shows, whether being a silent viewer or an active participant (in the form of modeling or behind the curtains) is seen with pride. Where are we heading? If someone who lived in Kerala 70 years back returns to this land, will move away without a second thought mistaking to have landed in another continent!

During an interview with the daughter of a very well-known actress of yesteryears and motherof an actor son (apart from a long list of relatives in the film kingdom), this down-to-earth-lady who has seen the varied faces of limelight revealed today parents are eager to push even their tiny tots to the world of modeling and acting. She said she was feeing pity on this kind of mad rush towards fame and money.

Till a few years earlier, the very mention of a discotheque was considered as a taboo subject. Today, it is an open subject. The topic is not merely restricted to discussion among the teenagers or youth. It is a topic of discussion even between parents and children. Who is actually responsible for the present crisis of pushing the children to the limelight? No doubt, the finger undoubtedly in over 85% cases points to the parents. And yes, I know most of the present generation definitely disagrees to my viewpoints mentioned here.

That said, people live with the wrong notion, life comes only once! What people do not realize is we have lived through several hundred years in the past and we still have a long way to go. Remember to get ready to undergo the positive or negative impacts of our acts done in this life, in one of your forthcoming birth. Why not do something good, which would bring a positive impact for one's own family as well as for the society? Most importantly, for one's own soul. Still long way to go before more people joins this gang.

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