Monday, September 08, 2008

Unemployment: A closer look

Reports throng everywhere specifying the high rate of unemployment in India. And every time, it is startling why such a hype! If unemployment exists, there should be a solution. The reality is slightly different. And it is so, I believe, in sectors including industries, retail, agriculture, construction, and educational institutions.

(I can vouch for for the fact my family is in business and we are in touch with other industrialists as well as have information from other business people) The employers try every possible way to hire someone - through references, newspaper ads, and employment firms. Often no one turns up. And by chance if a candidate turns up, he/she expects a minimum monthly salary of Rs.8, 000 - Rs.10, 000 (going by the truth there are known companies which still pay less than Rs.1, 500 - including educated candidates), for labor level jobs and during training period. All employers cannot afford this and especially when many businesses are struggling to find a mark. Almost every candidate expect salaries in par with IT jobs, forgetting their own identity and often the fact, they haven’t even gone to school or finished matriculation! They ignore that instead of idling away time to do some kind of work available, gain experience and try for a better job. Unfortunately, many parents support this and provide food and money to meet daily-expenses. The younger generation finds this as an additional advantage.

Another notable fact is even several employed in private firms register themselves as unemployed with the view of getting a government job or get the money (affordable use this money for buying chocolates, gifts etc!). This again adds to the statistical figures of the unemployed in India.

If unemployment is to be eliminated – there should be more opportunities as well as the candidates should be willing to shed their white-collar attitude and accept work, atleast for their own good, rather than complaining of unemployment!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Money or Soul – Which is more important?

Money is definitely important. But, if you thought it should be given more weight age than your soul, it's time you reconsider! Everyone makes and should make money for their day-to-day life for an uninterrupted smooth life. This means for your clothing, food and shelter. But, what if you have superfluous amount of money?

When our body and soul separate, will the surplus money invested in real estates, banks, insurance policies and others be of any benefit? Have you ever thought what is left once our body starts functioning? What happens to the soul? Does soul carry a bag to handle several lakhs and crores you have earned in your lifetime and you have enjoyed investing and re-investing to create more and more wealth.

The little time you are left to live, let it have a purpose. By purpose I don’t mean to say that you should have the so-called fun and entertainment for a moment’s happiness. You should do things which will make your ‘soul’ leave in peace when the time comes. Think of long-term happiness and satisfaction of the ‘soul.’ And if you are doing wrong things, it is time you thought what you could do to ‘purify your soul.’

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mega Serial Addiction

Television came to Kerala during 1980’s. Those days, there was only one channel and unlike today, it was not a 24-hour programme channel. The programmes were restricted to few hours. The programmes were selected and many even promoted positive aspects of life. The news programmes were brief and showed only what was required. With time, new channels emerged and the number of channels counts to dozens. There is a special channel for news, cartoon, discovery, animals, fashion, and cinema to name a few. With the increase in number of channels, the quality has come down to almost nil. One gets to see more of so-called mega serials, which helps the audience shed buckets of tears or simply get carried away with reel life. Most of these serials also shows violence, particularly of domestic nature. Once addicted to this mega-serial, moving away from the mini-screen is a tough aspect. Even in case of showcasing other programmes, the channels vie each other for fame and money.

How can you remain away from this addiction? There is only one solution: Stay away from watching those serials which have hundreds of episodes, are of less quality when it comes to the story part. Only self-control and self-decision can help you remain away from this mega serial craze.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is engagement a necessity?

The word engagement started ringing in my ears not long ago. I don’t mean to say my personal story - because there is no story of engagement in my life. Once the marriage was fixed, my husband and I got married without what I have often kicked away from my dictionary – engagement. I could never understand or accept this engagement, except in rare cases when the groom flew to Gulf or a foreign country for a couple of years or more. Those were the days, when the cases of breaking away the engagement were rare. Not anymore. I had once written an article on this issue for Woman’s Era (I don’t have the copyright to republish the article written based on a real-life story). The article was published during the first quarter of 2006.

Back to engagement - what bothers me more is the way engagement is celebrated. Less than a week ago, someone we know well got engaged in a five-star hotel. There was a party during the engagement ceremony followed by a drinking-party later in the evening. The majority undoubtedly asks “What’s in a party, without the chance to booze?” I’d better say, “What is in a party with a chance to booze?” In the name of fun and entertainment, men and women, young and old are cheering off themselves with a glass of beer! Doesn’t enjoyment come our way without any of these? Engagement is more of a status symbol, than a necessity. And it is often celebrated in a posh atmosphere with thousands of guests attending the event. Lakhs of bucks form the core of these occasions. Why not do something better? Perhaps, invest in a business – create employment for the unemployed or donate money for good causes.

Probably, a simple engagement ceremony, if at all necessary will remain in your minds than a costly-affair! Before you take the next step ahead – for that lavish party for your engagement, think twice – Is it really necessary?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving with the waves

Fashion show is an obsession for the city dwellers. The once conservative land of Kerala too has joined this bandwagon. Being a part of the fashion shows, whether being a silent viewer or an active participant (in the form of modeling or behind the curtains) is seen with pride. Where are we heading? If someone who lived in Kerala 70 years back returns to this land, will move away without a second thought mistaking to have landed in another continent!

During an interview with the daughter of a very well-known actress of yesteryears and motherof an actor son (apart from a long list of relatives in the film kingdom), this down-to-earth-lady who has seen the varied faces of limelight revealed today parents are eager to push even their tiny tots to the world of modeling and acting. She said she was feeing pity on this kind of mad rush towards fame and money.

Till a few years earlier, the very mention of a discotheque was considered as a taboo subject. Today, it is an open subject. The topic is not merely restricted to discussion among the teenagers or youth. It is a topic of discussion even between parents and children. Who is actually responsible for the present crisis of pushing the children to the limelight? No doubt, the finger undoubtedly in over 85% cases points to the parents. And yes, I know most of the present generation definitely disagrees to my viewpoints mentioned here.

That said, people live with the wrong notion, life comes only once! What people do not realize is we have lived through several hundred years in the past and we still have a long way to go. Remember to get ready to undergo the positive or negative impacts of our acts done in this life, in one of your forthcoming birth. Why not do something good, which would bring a positive impact for one's own family as well as for the society? Most importantly, for one's own soul. Still long way to go before more people joins this gang.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Space to have a say

A space to voice and reveal...that's what I am looking for. I have shared my ideas, thoughts, opinions, talked to thousands of people as a part of my freelance assignments; yet I am uneasy.

Uncomfortable at the thought, I haven't been able to convey what I really want to. What I feel is important in a particular story is often edited. The editor thinks it is unimportant whereas in reality, it could be the central theme of the story! We can only grudge at what is happening. After all, one gets to read the edited story only after it's in print. I hope this space in my blog transforms to be a place to talk on a wide range of topics.