Monday, September 08, 2008

Unemployment: A closer look

Reports throng everywhere specifying the high rate of unemployment in India. And every time, it is startling why such a hype! If unemployment exists, there should be a solution. The reality is slightly different. And it is so, I believe, in sectors including industries, retail, agriculture, construction, and educational institutions.

(I can vouch for for the fact my family is in business and we are in touch with other industrialists as well as have information from other business people) The employers try every possible way to hire someone - through references, newspaper ads, and employment firms. Often no one turns up. And by chance if a candidate turns up, he/she expects a minimum monthly salary of Rs.8, 000 - Rs.10, 000 (going by the truth there are known companies which still pay less than Rs.1, 500 - including educated candidates), for labor level jobs and during training period. All employers cannot afford this and especially when many businesses are struggling to find a mark. Almost every candidate expect salaries in par with IT jobs, forgetting their own identity and often the fact, they haven’t even gone to school or finished matriculation! They ignore that instead of idling away time to do some kind of work available, gain experience and try for a better job. Unfortunately, many parents support this and provide food and money to meet daily-expenses. The younger generation finds this as an additional advantage.

Another notable fact is even several employed in private firms register themselves as unemployed with the view of getting a government job or get the money (affordable use this money for buying chocolates, gifts etc!). This again adds to the statistical figures of the unemployed in India.

If unemployment is to be eliminated – there should be more opportunities as well as the candidates should be willing to shed their white-collar attitude and accept work, atleast for their own good, rather than complaining of unemployment!