Saturday, April 28, 2007

Money or Soul – Which is more important?

Money is definitely important. But, if you thought it should be given more weight age than your soul, it's time you reconsider! Everyone makes and should make money for their day-to-day life for an uninterrupted smooth life. This means for your clothing, food and shelter. But, what if you have superfluous amount of money?

When our body and soul separate, will the surplus money invested in real estates, banks, insurance policies and others be of any benefit? Have you ever thought what is left once our body starts functioning? What happens to the soul? Does soul carry a bag to handle several lakhs and crores you have earned in your lifetime and you have enjoyed investing and re-investing to create more and more wealth.

The little time you are left to live, let it have a purpose. By purpose I don’t mean to say that you should have the so-called fun and entertainment for a moment’s happiness. You should do things which will make your ‘soul’ leave in peace when the time comes. Think of long-term happiness and satisfaction of the ‘soul.’ And if you are doing wrong things, it is time you thought what you could do to ‘purify your soul.’

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mega Serial Addiction

Television came to Kerala during 1980’s. Those days, there was only one channel and unlike today, it was not a 24-hour programme channel. The programmes were restricted to few hours. The programmes were selected and many even promoted positive aspects of life. The news programmes were brief and showed only what was required. With time, new channels emerged and the number of channels counts to dozens. There is a special channel for news, cartoon, discovery, animals, fashion, and cinema to name a few. With the increase in number of channels, the quality has come down to almost nil. One gets to see more of so-called mega serials, which helps the audience shed buckets of tears or simply get carried away with reel life. Most of these serials also shows violence, particularly of domestic nature. Once addicted to this mega-serial, moving away from the mini-screen is a tough aspect. Even in case of showcasing other programmes, the channels vie each other for fame and money.

How can you remain away from this addiction? There is only one solution: Stay away from watching those serials which have hundreds of episodes, are of less quality when it comes to the story part. Only self-control and self-decision can help you remain away from this mega serial craze.

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